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Official Secrets Act
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Suggestions With Regards to Official Secrets Act.

Suggestion (1) DEFINITION : (A) The all activities matters and affairs directly relating with the safety, security and integrity of the Country shall be constitutes as Category "S" (The "S" denotes to secrecy); (B) All other activities matters and affairs, which not covers under Category "S" of Central Government or State Governments or Governmental organisations; Corporations; bodies; public undertaking; public Limited Companies; shall be constitutes as Category "T" (The "T" denotes to Transparent)

Suggestion (2) Right of the Citizen to receive Certified Copy and /or information of any activities matters and affairs relating to Category "T"

Citizen of India have Right to get Certified copy of information, as the Case may be, with regards to activities, matters and affairs of Category "T" on payment of actual cost and fees of stamp as may be prescribed by the authority.

Suggestion (3) Right to Refuse to provide Certified Copy or information:-

Certified copy or information, if applied under suggestion (2) can be refused by the concerned authority describing such activities, matters and affairs under Category "S" which applicant described as Category "T".

Suggestion (4)Punishment: The misuse of the provisions provided under Suggestion (2) and (3) against national interests or to escape from and to protect some one from prosecution shall be construed as commitment of offence punishable under Indian Penal Code.

Suggestion (5) Punishment for Refusal: If any authority or person wrongfully refuse to provide Certified copy or information if, applied under Suggestion (2) and (3) as the case may be, shall be punishable for six months simple imprisonment and for subsequent refusal the imprisonment shall be doubles.

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