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Appeal 2 HE Kofi Annan, Secretary General NUO

Representations 2 Switzerland Government with copies to Indian and other authorities


Suggestion to make Government functioning transparent without effecting the sensitive matters and technology related issues.

Suggestion with a Draft of Supreme Court Rules to ensure remedy under Article 32 of the Constitution

Suggestion to regulate Political Parties to make them free from the clutch of individualised Politics

Representations to His Excellency President of Switzerland to accept in principle to withdraw wrong part of the Official Policy that Switzerland does not intend to participate in a system that calls for an automatic exchange of information, particularly with respect to the money illegally deposited by the Corrupt Indian Politicians, Bureaucrats and unscrupulous businessmen, in Switzerland Banks without knowledge of the authority concerned.

Suggestion before Petition Committee of Parliament of India with a draft of the Law to made bureaucracy accountable.

Read Petition filed by Milap Choraria, before Supreme Court, against Nexus between Mafia nd Powerful Politician, but Supreme Court is not ready to hear it

Read the fact relating to criminal misconduct adopted by Justice Ahmadi misusing his position as Chief Justice of India, which was forwarded by the His Excellency President of India Shri APJ Kalam, to Law Ministry, and lying without any response.

Application before Union of India to send an Presidential reference whether Supreme Court can assign its Powers to Registrar or not?

Petition before President of India with reference Constitutional Proprietory

JUDICIARY Probity, not the Pseudo Probity


Writ Petition filed in Supreme Court by Milap Choraria in the year of 2003, after correspondence with Supreme Court Registry, but it which was refused to Register under gratification or otherwise by the Registrar after taking six months time from the date of filing.

Representation with the Book: MYSTERIES OF POLITICS-CRIME-NEXUS

ONLY A COWARD CAN ACCEPT INJUSTICE: MAHATMA GANDHI STAND-UP, ENERGIZE YOUR' POWERS AND USE FOR JUSTICE AFTER EVALUATION OF THE IMPACTS OF THE EXISTING CONSTITUTIN. Invitation for Seminars in Your CITY on the grave subject of POLITICS-CRIME-NEXUS AND REMEDIES as a preparatory work to launch Nationwide Movement as Struggle for Freedom from Politics-Crime-Nexus