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Announcement by Railway Minister Laoo Yadav
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Convenor: Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP)

Author : "A Model of New Constitution for India"

Columnist ; For the most of DAILY Hindi Newspapers in India

Post Box No.2690,

New Delhi-110 005. Dated 7th July 2004


This is a fact that Truth Speakers and followers always suffer a lot. I am also ready to suffer any eventuality. I will not suffer anything more from what I am suffering now. Media knowing fully not followed Professional Ethics against development of the Mafiadom.

Firstly, in context of the Rail Budget, I must refer one of the most important issues raised by me. Rail Minister Shri Laloo Yadav have announced a new Bookstall Policy to show gate to the Railway Stations Bookstall monopoly Company A. H. Wheeler & Co. Shri Laloo Yadav have tried to do something which would have been done immediately after 15th August 1997, since the issue is linked with the Indian Independence Treaty. I have referred time and again in my several articles including one dated 28th January 2000 (which was published by Dainik Tribune on 13th February 2000 as a special Article) published in several Hindi Newspapers, matter of Independence Treaty. In some of my articles I referred the then Prime Minister of India Shri Inder Kumar Gujral’s Lal Kila address dated 15th August 1997, in which he claimed that 3000 Laws would be changed as now become defunct. In fact I wanted to explain that Shri Gujral was motivated by the expiry date of the 50 years condition in the Treaty. In the treaty this was one condition that at least 50 years India cannot change statutes, established by the English Rule in India. My articles were based on a person, succeeds to reach up to the treaty and found some conditions including one relates to Shri Subhash Bose. According to treaty on 15th August 1947 there was a transfer of the Powers not the freedom with complete sovereignty from the impact of the British Rule. According to Treaty we have to pay some kind of Royalty to British Government by obeying arrangement made by British Rule in India with a large number of Companies listed in the treaty. In some of my articles I referred specific name of A. H. Wheeler & Co, amongst such Companies in support of my version.

Investigating journalism is always having important role in a democratic society. In USA exposing the wrong doings even by the Presidents, like Nixen’s Watergate scandal and Bill Clinton’s Sex scandal were done by single Reporters, certainly due to honest support from their Bosses. I referring these facts because a socially committed and most alert person like me what I am suffering, one cannot give another example with the intensity of one having suffered personal atrocity. Media not come forward to expose truth based facts referred by me, relating to atrocity suffered by me with intensity. In my matters Media is purely working under the influence or false representations or under the impact of commercial considerations at the cost of journalistic ethics. I am not talking without any strong evidence. I have submitted some sort fact relates to my sufferings in a Press Statement under heading: IS IN THE EYES OF MEDIA JYOTI BASU HAVE RIGHT TO CRIME? See at I have also posted the same to more than 100 E-Discussions Groups comprising thousands of members, and Human Right Organisations worldwide. But, Media given no importance to facts relating to serious matters referred in my Press Statement. Such attitude adopted by Media in such a serious matter should not be a Professional ethics. I don’t know what wrong I have done through my activities in the Larger Public Importance and National interests, but without any expectations from the results, as some of them were referred :

My suffering is based on misuse of the Powers and abuse of authority by Shri Jyoti Basu to support blackmailing activities run by Mafiadom. I am having sufficient documentary evidences to prove complete failure of the system, in my matter under influence. I have documentary evidences relating to specific matters relating to Professional Ethics, ignored by some of the important Newspapers, under strong influence, and will produce them at the appropriate time and manner.





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