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Reaons for System Failure

Here “System” I mean “British System” adopted by India, through Constitution of India. “System” is fully responsible for establishment of Individual centric politics against basic principle of the Democracy. Politics-Crime-Nexus is a democratic disease more dangerous than cancer & a by-product of “System” which was adopted after Independence, as a mandatory compulsion under proposal for Independence, from British Cabinet Mission. Due to lack of checks and balances with free and fair means “System” was & is swallowing all benefits derived from democracy brushing aside all hopes for bright future, progressive  career,  secured and  peaceful  life for Students, their parents and virtually for all citizens. After 1857 Gudder, basic object of British Government, through various so-called Reforms including last Reform through enactment of the Government of India Act, 1935 was to “Divide Indians to Rule India”. Resultantly, even after independence, Indians were divided in much more counts. Active politics virtually not open for honest and sincere people. Rule of Law not prevails in any Democratic or Constitutional Institution. Good governance is not possible. Exploitation of the Public sentiments and interests is prevailing. Discriminations, Frauds, Corruption at each and every level, with complete immunity are permanent features of the “System”. Organised Crimes fully protected from punishments. Fundamental Right of Remedy Guaranteed under Article 32 of the Constitution is available selectively. Truth, Merits, Equality before law not protected always. “System” allowing Democratic / Constitutional Institutions to tilt power scales through encroachment of other's areas. Politicians are free to adopt any dubious means for powers and to establish political Jamindaries. Awareness of such important issues is essential for each Citizen, whether ideologically he may agree or not.


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