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Invitation for Seminars

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Invitation for Seminars in Your CITY on the grave subject of “POLITICS-CRIME-NEXUS AND REMEDIES” as a preparatory work to launch Nationwide Movement as Fresh Freedom Struggle to liberate the system from Politics-Crime-Nexus.


Cure all disease through one Pranayam: Swami Ramdev


Swami Ramdev Ji succeeded in an important mission, because he tried to cure not the disease but the root cause of disease.


You can also cure all problems concerns to present Political System through changing one Root for all these problems to remove all deficiencies in our democratic system.


Know ONE root cause behind all following basic problems:         

          Corruption at every place relaying to system;

Organised criminal activities, with complete immunity;

Unemployment at such high rate;

          Discrimination between one and another;

          Divide and Rule Policy adopted by political parties and politicians;

          Non-availability of remedies against grievances;

          Manipulations during the Elections process;

          Control Politics by Individual;

          Misuse of Courts; and

          Distribution of fruits of democracy not horizontal. 


Such Root cause would be explained in detail in a Seminar in your City (within India), by Milap Choraria.

More about Milap Choraria:


If you are concern with all these problems and interested to participate in Seminar (Free of any charges for participation), you should E-Mail with the following Detail:

Full Name:

Complete Postal Address:

Telephone / Mobile Numbers:

Your Personal Email ID:

Your present occupation:

Name the Political Party if you are ideologically or otherwise connected:


These details are necessary for Program and invitation for Seminar.


We are also in search of dedicated activists to join Nationwide Movement:



Join a new kind of Politics, but certainly not the present dirty Politics.


In the Email you should clarify whether you just to participate in Seminar or interested to actively join with the Movement.



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