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Join Movement for Accountability to Public for reforms to enshrine Accountability in the system:

For empowerment and to protect of the women from sexual exploitations from their Bosses Political Reform should be such which do not permit any kind of exploitations.


Since long time Political Parties in India are committing to provide one third seats to womens in Parliament t as well State Assemblies, but for this or that reason could not fulfill such commitment. Author of the Book: A MODEL OF NEW CONSTITUTION FOR INDIA made following suggestions which may solve problems of the Political parties in ensuring one third seats for women in Parliament or State Legislatures.   


55.            Composition of the Lok Sabha.

(1)        The Lok Sabha shall consist of not more than Seven hundred fifty, including five hundred members chosen by direct election from territorial constituencies in the country.

(2) The total number of women members including directly elected women members shall 1 against 2 elected male members.

(3)        The each constituency shall be divided in such a manner that population in each constituency, except constituencies within the territories under administrative control of India Government, more or less shall, so far as practicable, the same. 

(4)        In this article, the expression “population” means the population as ascertained at the last preceding census of which the relevant figures have been published in the Gazette.

(5)        The determination of the area of such constituencies shall be declared by the Election Commission of India, in accordance with the guidelines and procedures laid down by the Law Commission of India in consultation with the National Judicial Commission, Chief Justice and three Senior Most Judges of Supreme Court and Government of India.

(6) The population having within the Territories under administrative control of India Government shall be given double weights or should be divided within minimum two constituencies, at the time of determination of the Loksabha constituencies.

(7) So far as practicable, any constituency shall not consist area from two States.

(8) After direct election of five hundred Loksabha members the rest of required numbers of women members should be filled up in the following manner.

(a) Every Political Party should declare and submit a List of the Women Candidates, before the Election Commission of India, fifteen days prior to 1st day of Voting starts for General Elections with priority numbers for each candidate referred in the List.

(b) Total number of the women candidates in the List including candidates stands for direct election should not be less than fifty percentage of total candidates in direct elections.

(c) Non-compliance of sub-clause (a) shall debarred recognised Political Party from using its Election Symbol in the General Election.

(d) Total Number of Loksabha seats for every Political Party shall proportionate to voting percentage in favour of such party. Calculation of such number of seat shall be made after deduction of the women members elected through direct election.

(9) In the list submitted under sub-clause (8) name of any male candidates shall not be listed by any political party.

Explaination for the proposed provision:-

Total number of direct elected members in the Lok Sabha  shall be                     500

Less: Suppose out of 500 members directly elected women members                                     40

                        Total male members                                                            460

Therefore, against 460 male members total women members including 40 directly

elected women members arises                                                                    230

Total strength of Lok Sabha should  460 + 230 =                                  690 seats.


Provisions should be modified after actual result verifications. Suppose political party “A” get total 40% Votes and 190 Seats, including 28 womens members. In accordance with the provision political party “A”  is entitled to get 40% of 690 seats = 276 seats. Therefore, to fill-up the gape between 190 already elected members and requisite 276 Members, rest 86 seats should be filled-up from the List of women candidates submitted by the Political Party “A’ to the Election Commission under Article 55 clause 7 of the Constitution: (A MODEL OF NEW CONSTITUTION FOR INDIA). Before selection of 86 members from such List Election Commission shall delete the names of women those already elected to Loksabha. After such deletion, Election Commission shall declare 86 women candidates as elected members of Loksabha from such list going by priority earlier fixed by the Party at the time of submission of the List.


Similar Provisions have been suggested for State Legislative Assemblies.



Know about Milap Choraria the Author of Book: A Model of New Constitution for India