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02-06-05 : Swiss Authority Withholds necessary Documents in Bofors Bribery Case to Protect Corrupts

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Dated 2nd June 2005


1.         His Excellency President of the Swiss Confederation Mr. Samuel Schmid,

2.         His Excellency Vice-President of Swiss Confederation Mr. Moritz Leuenberger

3.         Hon’ble Mr. Joseph Deiss

Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs

4.         Secretariat-General FDF

Swiss Federal Department of Finance

5.                Ms. Micheline Calmy-Rey, Head Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

(Through Message Box):

6.        Swiss Political Affairs Division II - Asia / Pacific

7.         Swiss Political Affairs Division V - Economic and Financial Affairs

8.         Swiss UN - Coordination

9.         Swiss Federal Banking Commission,,,,,,,,,




His Excellencies Sirs,


This is with reference to my last communication-dated 30.05.2005 through Emails to all of your Excellencies addressed hereto or copies thereto, which now became immaterial, once Judgment is pronounced by the Hon’ble High Court Delhi.   


In March 1986 Indian Government sign arms contract with Swedish arms company Bofors for the supply of 400 field guns. Prosecutors argued that Bofors paid about $8m to the Hinduja Brothers at the time of the deal - the Hindujas strongly deny any wrongdoing. Hon’ble Delhi High Court has acquitted the three-billionaire Hinduja Brothers in a high profile arms bribery case, Britons Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja and Swiss citizen Prakash Hinduja for lack of evidence. Swedish firm AB Bofors was alleged to have paid them illegally in the $1.3bn sale of 400 howitzers to India in 1986. The Hindujas say the Judgment vindicates them and proves that they were never involved in any wrongdoing. In its ruling on Tuesday, the High Court said the prosecution had failed to produce any original documents to substantiate their charge. The court said the documents in which the investigative agency had relied on were "useless and dubious material" since their authenticity could not be verified. In a statement released in London, the Hindujas said the ruling provided judicial endorsement that they were not involved in any wrongdoing and said they had been falsely implicated. "However, we are delighted that the truth has prevailed and our faith in the Indian judicial system has been vindicated." The Bofors arms case has been one of India's most high profile and longest-running corruption cases, lasting for nearly 15 years. It led to the election defeat of former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi in 1989, two years before he was assassinated. Ram Jethmalani, who has defended the Hindujas, has said the money paid by Bofors was part of a long-time consultancy agreement".


But, important issue was neither considered by the Indian Investigating Agency: Central Bureau of Investigation, nor placed before the Hon’ble Court of Delhi that Hinduja Brothers are so powerful and one amongst three brothers Prakash Hinduja is Swiss Citizen. Therefore it cannot be ruled out that they might have embraces and manages the Swiss Government against their declared Policy. Resultantly Swiss Authority not supplied authenticated documents to Indian Central Bureau of Investigation, necessary to prove its case. Mr. Ram Jethmalani, the Counsel of Hindujas, has admitted that the payment made to Hunduja Brothers, by Bofors (now known as Kartongen Kemi Och Forvaltning AB) were a part of long-time consultancy agreement. But, this was never examined that whether Hinduja Brothers are at all having such type of expertise of consultancy required to provide to world famous Field Gun Producers Bofors Company. Further more whether CBI had investigated the related documentary evidence of alleged Consultancy provided by the Hinduja Brothers to Bofors against payment of such large amounts. Otherwise, there are every possibility that claims of the Hinduja Brothers is based on concocted alleged agreement, prepared to escape from Criminal Proceedings, thus such large amount of payment made by Bofors to Hinduja Brothers was nothing but just commission of the Gun deal with India, in the garb of long-time consultancy agreement.     


Yes, if after supply of the Authenticated documents from Swiss Authority, Hinduja Brothers could have been discharged, only than their claims that truth has prevailed, could have been justified. In any case If Hinduja Brothers and Executives of the Bofors Company could have voluntarily offered for Lie Detector Test in transparent manner, then claims that Truth have prevailed, have been justified. Otherwise, this is a clear case of the killing of the Truth by the Swiss Government through withholding the authenticated documents. From the aforesaid facts and circumstances, my claim have been proved that Swiss Government is keen to protect its Financial Sector: basically dependant upon the money from Corrupt Politicians, Bureaucrats and unscrupulous Businessmen from the entire World and this is a pity thing that a renowned lawyer like Mr. Ram Jethmalani always uses his skills of legal expertise to protect alleged wrong doers, successfully earning money at the cost of National interest. I am also sending copy of this email to Mr. Ram Jethmalani. Government of India through its order No.S/7937/SS(ISP)/93 dated 9th July 93 established a Committee, comprised the then Home Secretary and five other Secretaries to Government of India to take stock of all available information about the activities of Crime Syndicates/Mafia organisation, which admitted that even the members of the judicial system have not escaped the embrace of the mafia. In view of my experiences, I can place on record that CVC and CBI are not free from political embracements.   


In view of the names of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Smt. Sonia Gandhi and/or her Italian Friend Mr Quattrocchi were involved in the matter, people cannot satisfied till aforesaid related original documents are not supplied by the Swiss Authorities to Indian Investigating Agency: Central Bureau of Investigation, and fresh issues raised herein are not examined.            


Therefore, once again I repeat that “If Switzerland Government not ensure supply of the authenticated or originals of Swiss documents related to aforesaid Investigation on or before 30th June 2005 to Indian Investigation Agency: Central Bureau of Investigation, and further not agree in principle to discloses the Amount with the names of the Countries in respect of “Unclaimed Assets” and about all accounts having opened with Swiss Financial Sector/Banks since 1948 with the names (wherever names available with the Banks) and other details to disclose before the Indian Authorities and to change its laws accordingly, then on or from 1st July 2005, I will sit for “INDEFINITE FAST” outside Swiss Embassy at New Delhi (India).


My demands from the Swiss Government are absolutely legitimate and within parameters of already declared Policy of the Swiss Government, which interalia described as (a) “Switzerland launched a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the international fight against money laundering, financing of terrorism and corruption”; (b) “Switzerland has absolutely no interest whatsoever in allowing its territory to be used for such activities”, (c) “its negative impacts on the progress of numerous developing countries or nations in transition”, and (d) “Switzerland's banking secrecy does not protect terrorists, nor does it protect criminal organizations or criminal activities of any nature whatsoever”.


In case, if Swiss Government, to protect its Financial Sector based on illegal Money, do not agree with my demands and I may suffer death, the Swiss Government and Politicians like Ram Jethmalani should be responsible for the same. In any case, if Swiss Government agreed with my legitimate demands, then I have committed to another Fast unto death, which could be taken place at outside Lajpat Bhawan, New Delhi, alongwith 3 other renowned Senior persons to starts on and from 16th May 2006 the end of Second Year of the UPA Government, for our demands for enactment of the Law to Constitute LOKPAL (Indian Ombudsman), as declared in the Bulletin of Lok Sevak Sangh May 2005 issue, which also incorporating the Monthly Newsletter of Transparency International, India, photocopy attached herein or available at:


In view of my past experiences, I know that after knowing my demands, people having vested interests may either hatch plots to get killed me or implicate me in some false cases, but the people who are engaged in fighting for the larger National interests cannot bother about the results.  


I must place on record that in recent days it is appears that Swiss Embassy is not receiving my E-Mail messages on alleged claims that Server is not functioning. Therefore, in case, they do not receive any message sent by me, for which I would not be responsible.        


With Best Regards,

Yours truly,


Convenor : Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP):  

Columnist : For Several DAILY Newspapers in India

Life Member of India Chapter of Transparency International and associated with several other organisations




B-5/52, Sector-7, Rohini,  New Delhi-110 085 (INDIA)


Copies to:          1.         His Excellency President of India Shri APJ Kalam,

            2.         Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Man Mohan Singh Ji;

3.             Hon’ble Minister for Foreign Affairs Shri Natwar Singh Ji;

4.             Smt. Sonia Gandhi, President of Congress Party and Chairperson of UPA; through self 

Email ID and also through Smt. Ambika Soni and Shri Anand Sharma, 

5.             Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Leader of Opposition in Loksabha;

6.             Shri Jaswant Singh Ji, Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.

7.             Shri Prakash Karat, General Secretary, Communist Party of India (Marxist) 

                        8.         Home Secretary, Government of India; 

9.         The Commissioner of Police, Delhi;

10.         Chief Vigilance Commissioner, and other Two Commissioners, Central   

Vigilance Commission.  

11.         Director, Central Bureau of Investigation.

12.         His Excellency Mr. Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General of UNO through Director,

Mr. Sarbuland Khan, Department for Economic and Social Affairs

13.        His Excellency President of European Union Mr. José Manuel Barroso

14.        The Spokesperson of The President of European Union Mr. José Manuel Barroso

15.        Secretariat-General European Union

16.        Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, European  Union Joaquín Almunia

17.        Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal 

Opportunities, European Union Mr. Vladimír Špidla

18.        His Excellency Mr. Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank,

19.               Board of Directors IMF, through IMF Centre,

20.            His Excellency Swiss Ambassador to India,

21.            Shri Ram Jethmalani. M. P.,

22.            Hinduja Brothers,

23.        Government of India through Attorney General of India.

24.       Mr. Magnus Ingesson,. President Bofors Company