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30-05-05 Representation to Swiss Government
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Dated 30th May 2005


1.         His Excellency President of the Swiss Confederation Mr. Samuel Schmid,

2.         His Excellency Vice-President of Swiss Confederation Mr. Moritz Leuenberger

3.         Hon’ble Mr. Joseph Deiss

Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs

4.         Secretariat-General FDF

Swiss Federal Department of Finance

5.                Ms. Micheline Calmy-Rey, Head Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

(Through Message Box):

6.        Swiss Political Affairs Division II - Asia / Pacific

7.         Swiss Political Affairs Division V - Economic and Financial Affairs

8.         Swiss UN - Coordination

9.         Swiss Federal Banking Commission,,,,,,,,,




His Excellencies Sirs,


This is with reference to my last communication, dated 28.05.2005 through Emails to all of your Excellencies addressed hereto or copies thereto. Now, after going by Two separate News, I have decided to add one more demand, but with the unchanged schedule for INDEFINITE FAST. One news published at the 1st and 13th page of the Times of India dated 29th May 2005 showing two photos in which His Excellency President of the Swiss Confederation Mr. Samuel Schmid and His Excellency President of India Shri APJ Kalam, enjoying as if fast friendship between two countries. Another News which shocked and heart us was also published in several Newspapers including India Leading Daily Newspaper Times of India dated 28th May 2005, important and related part of the news is as follows:


            Times News Network

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Friday reserved its verdict on the plea of Hinduja brothers requesting the Court to recall its order on charges against them in Bofors case. This move came after CBI conceded that it was unable to get either the authenticated or originals of Swiss documents on which the agency had relied to proceed against them.”  


Aforesaid matter is very sensitive in India as in this particular matter, time and again it was alleged that Bofors Company paid Commission to Hinduja Brothers and others on behalf of Shri Rajiv Gandhi or on behalf of one Mr. Quatrochhi, the friend of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, now President of Congress Party and deposited in Swiss Banks. Such allegation has caused tremendous prestige damage for Shri Rajiv Gandhi. Resultantly in subsequent General Election he lost power. Therefore, each Indian Citizen is egger to know the truth. But from the aforesaid News this become quite clear that Swiss Government is involved in protecting Criminals on whose behalf Money was deposited in Swiss Bank, completely contrary to its so-called declared Policy, at the cost of India’s National interests.


Without going in much details I am adding one New Demand as follow, for starting my INDEFINITE FAST OUTSIDE SWITZERLAND EMBASSY on and from 1st July 2005:


“Switzerland Government should ensure supply of the authenticated or originals of Swiss documents required for Bofors Case pending before Delhi High Court on or before 30th June 2005 to Central Bureau of Investigation; the prime investigating Agency of India.”


My earlier demand is as under:

if Swiss Government, in principle, on or before 30th June 2005 not agree to discloses the Amount with the names of the Countries in respect of “Unclaimed Assets” and further not agree to disclose before the Indian Authorities about all accounts having opened with Swiss Financial Sector/Banks since 1948 with the names (wherever names available with the Banks) and other details and to change its laws accordingly, then on or from 1st July 2005, I will sit for “INDEFINITE FAST” outside Swiss Embassy at New Delhi (India).


In view of my past experiences, I know that after knowing my new demand, people having vested interests may either hatch plots to get killed or implicate me in some false cases, but the people who are engaged in fighting for the larger National interests cannot bother about the results.  


With Best Regards,

Yours truly,


Convenor : Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP):  

Columnist : For Several DAILY Newspapers in India

Life Member of India Chapter of Transparency International and associated with several other organisations




B-5/52, Sector-7, Rohini,  New Delhi-110 085 (INDIA)


Copies to:          1.         His Excellency President of India Shri APJ Kalam,

            2.         Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Man Mohan Singh Ji;

3.             Hon’ble Minister for Foreign Affairs Shri Natwar Singh Ji;

4.             Smt. Sonia Gandhi, President of Congress Party and Chairperson of UPA; through self 

Email ID and also through Smt. Ambika Soni and Shri Anand Sharma, 

5.             Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Leader of Opposition in Loksabha;

6.             Shri Jaswant Singh Ji, Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.

7.             Shri Prakash Karat, General Secretary, Communist Party of India (Marxist) 

                        8.         Home Secretary, Government of India; 

9.         The Commissioner of Police, Delhi;

10.         Chief Vigilance Commissioner, and other Two Commissioners, Central   

Vigilance Commission.  

11.         Director, Central Bureau of Investigation.

12.         His Excellency Mr. Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General of UNO through Director,

Mr. Sarbuland Khan, Department for Economic and Social Affairs

13.        His Excellency President of European Union Mr. José Manuel Barroso

14.        The Spokesperson of The President of European Union Mr. José Manuel Barroso

15.        Secretariat-General European Union

16.        Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, European  Union Joaquín Almunia

17.        Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal 

Opportunities, European Union Mr. Vladimír Špidla

18.        His Excellency Mr. Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank,

19.        Board of Directors IMF, through IMF Centre,

20.               His Excellency Swiss Ambassador to India, through e-mail:    as email of the Ambassador is not functioning.

21.   Hon’ble Chief Justice of Delhi High Court through Registered Post, with request to forward it to respective Hon’ble Judge.


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