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  1. Since childhood, I am a social minded person strongly influenced from my grant uncle and world famous great saint Acharya Mahapragnay Ji (Successor to Anuvarat Movement launcher Acharya Tulsi).

    Some of my activities based on strong principled honesty, sincerity and dedicated to cause are as under, and can be proved from the documentary evidences:

    • At the age of 14 Years we friends opened a Library in our small village and collected thousands Books.
    • At the age of 18 years in the year 1960 on the basi of my complaint with strong evidence, Postmaster of Dhupguri (Jalpaiguri District in West Bengal), was suspended.
    • In the year of 1963-64, on the basis of my complaint to the then Home Minister of Induia Shri Guljari Lal Nanda, against one Pakistani spy working as Postmaster in Tarabarihat Post Office (Kamrup Distruict in Assam) was arrested.
    • A high level enquiry was set-up on the basis of our several complaint against the then District Collector of Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan).
    • In 1965 I suggested for Election Reforms and my suggestions were published in several Newspapers, with my address and I received several Hundred letters from throughout India including one Nemi Chand Gandhi, who subsequently become famous as Chadra Swami.
    • In 1965 I also make suggestions to Education Minister and Minister and I got response from the then Education minister of India Shri Triguna Sen himself and Senior Ministry Officials.
    • In 1969 I suggested to Election Commission of India to issue Identity Card to Voters, though without any suggestions for Photo Identity Card.
    • In 1975 Economic Times published several interview including one relates to manipulations in cost of productions by one monopoly house, and that the then Industries Minister of India assured Parliament with reference to my complaint against such monopoly houses transfer of the money to Switzerland, in violations of the prevailing laws.
    • In 1976 my Notice for Hunger Strike was referred one national Newspaper as Nobel Protest, and union Ministry accepted our demands, relates to public interests.
    • In 1976 I was elected as Director one Monopoly and Multinational Company through Votes by hands, and then the voting by cast of Paper, defeated the said result.
    • In 1977 I was invited before Parliamentary Public Undertaking Committee, headed by the then CPI (M) M. P. Late Jyotirmoy Basu, to give evidence on some matter of national importance.
    • In 1979, my application relates to Public Interest matter was dismissed just on the ground that I was personally not interested party in the matter, as till then Public Interest Litigation platform was not opened.
    • In 1980 I was set on 9 days successfull Hunger Strike against Balco.
    • In 1980 Honble Chief Justice of India taken cognizance in respect of my complaint against one order passed in the matter of which Judgment was already reserved, but order was passed without pronouncement of Judgment, as the said order virtually defeated assurance given to us by Smt. Indira Gnadhi, on the same issue, based on "Fair Price". Subsequently Communist Party Of India M. P. Mr. Kalyan Ray raised the issue in Parliament through one motion, first of its kind against any Judicial Officer.
    • On my telegraphic application the then Acting Chief Justice of India Mr. P. N. Bhagwati, taken cognizance and Indian Aluminium Companys dream program for its merger with Mahindra and Mahindra Limited was compelled to accept direction of the Government as against National interest.
    • In 1994 on the basis of my complaint Reserve Bank of India moved before Supreme Court of India against Pearless Company, Kolkata, resultantly Company sufferd a setback by imposition of a liability of about Rs.700 Crores of Rupees and its Chairman Mr. A Sen was forced to resign.
    • Since 1982, I am suffering misuse of the powers and abuse of the authority caused by Shri Jyoti Basu under his hands in glow with unscrupulous businessmen turned Mafia, and all my Fundamental rights and Human Rights squeezed under influence.
    • In 1986 I suffered a severe attempt to murder with 44 stabs in my body.
    • In 1991 one Truck Accident was staged under Police Protections to kill my son, in which both the legs of my son were crushed, and my son was able to stand on his legs just after Two and Half years treatment.

    •  In 1994 I was appointed by the Government of India as Members in Two Sub-Groups, one for finance and another for Raw Materials under a Committee Constituted for 9th Five Year Plan for Small Scale Industries in India.

       In 1996 I alongwith 3 other persons including Shri S. D. Sharma, founding Chairman of India Chapter of Transparency International, sit on Fast Unto Death on our demand for appointment of a Amusdman (Lokpal) of India, and after two days Shri Soli J. Sorabjee, famous Jurist in India, Justice Rajinder Sacher, Shri Raj Mohan Gandhi, grand son of Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Krishna Iyyer, the emmisaries of the then Prime Minister Shri I. K. Gujral, under their assurance we broken our Fast.
      There are a long list of my social activities.

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