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ANNEXURE : A-66 : Page-330-A-331



(Typed Copy of respective document, without initials of the officials)


From:- Milap Chand Choraria,

2734, Kutcha Chellan,

Delhi-110002 Dated 3rd March 1997

Subject to Delhi Courts only.


  1. Union of India, through Cabinet Secretary,
  2. (Kind Attn. Mr. T. S. R. Subramanian),

    New Delhi110004

  3. The State of West Bengal,
  4. through Chief Secretary, Cacutta-700001

  5. Calcutta Municipal Corporation,

Through Municipal Commissioner, Calcutta-700013


Dear Sirs,

1. The fundamental rights of lives, liberties and properties of the Citizen are guaranteed under the Constitution of India, and responsibility of protector and guarantor of such rights is laid upon the Supreme Court, under the Constitution.

  1. This is a matter of the great and grave concern that my Fundamental Rights are infringed in spite of the repeated Memorandum or Representations to the authorities, including the Prime Minister of India, Finance Minister of India, Cabinet secretary, Union Home secretary, Union Revenue Secretary, Ministry of Personnel, Public grievances and Pension, Chairman CBDT, Director CBI, Secretary Central Vigilance Commission of India, all concerned Departments, and Police of West Bengal, and Calcutta Municipal Corporation, no action is taken by any one to ensure the protection of my Fundamental Rights.
  2. Possibly, this will be only matter, in the whole of the country, that the Government functionaries from the State of West Bengal, up to High Levels, and functionary of Calcutta Municipal Corporation, officially indulged in black mailing activities for pecuniary advantage of Mafiadom, and by not taking appropriate action in respective matters, the respective departments of the Union of India, virtually caused support to activities of such Mafiadom, leading to infringement of my Fundamental Rights.
  3. I am a social worker and this is the situation with a person like me, thjis can be imagine that what may be the situation of the common man. I am enclosing here a copy of my Notice dated 20.1.1997 demanding resignations from the Honble Justices of Supreme Court. However, in considerations of subsequent developments, I withdraw my program for Fast, as contemplated in the said Notice. My some of activities, my sufferings and few legal opinions relating to my sufferings are referred in the third part of the said Notice.
  4. I am referring some of the letters from the Union of India and others, which will provide details of the facts relating to my sufferings:-

(a) on 8.7.1993, I filed an application before the President of India, seeking prosecution permission under section.



(Typed Copy of respective document, without initials of the officials)

No. VI.23014/2/95 CPA.III


Ministry of Home Affairs/Grih Mantralalya


Smt. Kanwaljit Deol,

Addl. C. P. (S&T),

Delhi Police,


Subject : Request for Security to Shri Milap Chnad

Choraria, r/o, 24, Binoba Bhave Road, Calcutta


I am directed to request to the letter No. P/10/1415/96/14283/X. III(B) dated 8.8.1996 from Delhi Police on the above subject. A copy of letter received from Shri Milap Chand Choraria, in which his Delhi address has been given is enclosed for necessary action.

Yours faithfully,


  1. N. SHARMA)

Under Secretary

Copy to Shri Suresh Chowdhury, Deputy Director, IB.

  1. N. SHARMA)

Under Secretary

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