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ANNEXURE : A-65 :Page-327-328




(Typed Copy of Letter)



2734, Kutcha Chellan,

New Delhi-110002


Mr. Vishvapavan Pati,


Bikaner House, Pandara Road,

New Delhi -110001

Dear Sir,

This has refers to my appearance before Mr. Bhure Lal, Secretary, Central Vigilance Commission, on today i. e. 16th December, 1996 and therafter, directions given by him to you to hold preliminary enquiry from the railway and Income tax Department with regards to matters referred by me.

Please note that if any further clarification required, please call on me. However, today I have supplied the documents (Photocopies) listed below. Please tally the same and if find anything missing, please inform, so I will arrange th supply of the same.

List of documents:

  1. Letter dated 22.5.1987 addressed to the Director of Investigation (Income tax ), Calcutta.
  2. Letter dated 12.6.1987 addressed to Mr. C. S. Pandey, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax-I, Calcutta.
  3. Letter dated 23.7.1987 addressed to Mr. Devi Dayal, Director of Inspection (Inv.), Calcutta.
  4. Letter dated 3.8.1987 addressed to Mr. Devi Dayal, Director of Inspection (Inv.), Calcutta.
  5. Letter dated 9.10.1987 addressed to Mr. Devi Dayal, Director of Inspection (Inv.), Calcutta.
  6. Letter dated 27.10.1987 addressed to Mr. M. Ahmed, Dy. Director of Inspection (Inv.),
  7. A letter of diognsis delivered by hand on 28.10.1987 to Mr. L. C. Joshi, ADI(I)
  8. Letter dated 30.10.1987 addressed to Mr. L. C. Joshi, ADI(I)
  9. Letter dated 18.11.1987 addressed to Mr. Devi Dayal.
  10. Letter dated 30.11.1987 addressed to Shri Devi Dayal Ji.
  11. Letter dated 30.11.1987 from Mr. Devi Dayal, Director of Inspection (Inv.), Cal.
  12. Letter dated 30.11.1987 to Income TaX officer, "A" Ward, Dist. 24- Paragans.
  13. Letter dt. 29.3.1988 from Mr. B. Mukherjee, I. T. O. (G).
  14. Letter dated 29.3.1988 to Mr. Devi Dayal, Director of Inspection (Inv.).
  15. Letter dt. 8.6.88 to Inspector, I. T. , 24-Paraganas.
  16. Reply letter dt. 13.6.1988 to Mr. B. Mukherjee, I. T. O. (G).
  17. Letter dt. 13.6.1988 to ITO "A" Ward, 24-Prg.
  18. Letter dt. 1.7.1988 to Director of Inspection (Inv.).
  19. Letter dt. 14.12.1988 from ITO (INV) III(I)
  20. Letter dt. 3.1.1989 to ITO (INV) III(I)
  21. Letter dt. 18.5.1989 to ITO (INV) III(I)
  22. Letter dated 24.4.89 from Directorate of I. T. (Inv.).
  23. Letter dt. 25.5.1989 to ITO (I), Calcutta.
  24. Letter dt. 16.11. 1989 to the Appropriate Authority, Calcutta, I. T. Deptt., and others
  25. Notice dt. 16.11.1989 to Union Of India and others.
  26. Notice dt. 23.11.1990 to the Chief Commissioner of I. T. and others.
  27. Letter dt. 2.5.1992 from the Office of Mr. George Fernandes, M. P.
  28. Letter dt. 30.11.1992 to Shri George Fernandes, M. P.
  29. Letter dt. 21.12.92 from Mr. George Fernandes, M. P.
  30. Letter dt. 21.1.93 to Mr. George Fernandes, M. P.
  31. Letter dt. 26.1.93 from Mr. George Fernandes, M. P.
  32. Letter dt. 6.2.93 to Mr. George Fernandes, M. P.
  33. Letter dt. 25.7.92 to Dr. Man Mohan Singh, along with detail of a test case concerned to modus operandi, adopted in transaction based on black-money,
  34. Notification Published in the Telgraph dt. 25.8.89.
  35. Notification for Auction published by I. T. Deptt., in respect of Auction declared for 23rd February 90.
  36. Searching Report of Ms. Lalita Banerjee, Advocate.
  37. Letter dt. 18.5.1994 to Prime Minister of India.
  38. Letter dt. From Prime Ministers Office dt. 30.5.1994.
  39. Letter dt. 18.5.1994 to Dr. N. R. Sivaswamy, Chairman, CBDT.
  40. Letter dt. 12.9.1994 to the Secretary, Revenue.
  41. Letter dt.6.4.95 from Prof. Rasa Singh Rawat, M. P., to Prime Minster of India.
  42. Letter dt. 21.12.94 to Director CBI.
  43. Letter dt. 11.10.96 to the Union Revenue Secretary.
  44. Letter dt. 16.10.96 to Director CBI.
  45. Letter dt. 9.11.89 to the Railway, alongwith a Map.
  46. Letter dt. 20.11.1989 from Deptt. Of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances.
  47. Notice dt. 3.6.1992 to the Chirman , Railway Board.
  48. News cutting of Ananda Bazar Patrika dt. 26.7.89.
  49. News Cutting of Statesman dt. 3.11.95 and 2.11.95.
  50. One page of Annual Report of M/. Martin Burn Ltd., for the year ended 31st March 1989, from which the name of Mr. S. K. Jhunjhunwala appears as Director of the Company.

In view of the above documents I hope that Vigilance Commission will take appropriate action in the matter of transfer of the Railway Land under Criminal misconduct and permission by the Income tax Department for transactions based on the black money, under Criminal misconduct of the concerned respective Officials of Income Tax Department.

With regards,

Yours faithfully



Posted by Postal receipt No. 5989 dated 17/12/96 from Udyog Bhawan P.O.

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