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ANNEXURE : A-6 : Page-114-115




(Typed Copy of Letter)

Milap Chand Choraria 16, Bonfield Lane, Calcutta-700001 Phone: 273614

Dated 7th March 1984

Shri Kamlesh Chandra Chattopadhyay,

13, J. K. Pal Road,



It is reported through your good friend that you along with One Khokan Mazumdar, L.C.M., Taratala C.P.I.(M), Local Committee, met Honble Shri Prasanta Sur, (Minister of W. B.) who requested the Advocate General of West Bengal Shri Snehangshu Acharya, by Telephone to look into matter of your concern. Thereafter, Honble Shri Acharya telephoned the Honble District Judge at Alipore, Inspector-General of Police, (W.B.), Superintendent of Police 24-Parganas, and brought to their knowledge the incidents happened certainly under instigation of you and your family members, between 29th February and 2nd March 1984, at 21, Seal Thakur Bari Road, P. S. Behala, Calcutta. I am enclosing herewith a printed leaflet stating the real incident as aforesaid.

It is wonder to to think that now you are successfully misusing the persons from C. P. I. (M), Party, for your personal game, which will also be proved from correspondence made between you and me/ us.

It is a matter of fact that compromise / settlement among the tenants of 21, Seal Thakur Bari Road, and us was finalized under guidance of Ld. Mr. Som Nath Chatterjee, M. P., Ld. Mr. Pranab Chatterjee, Solicitor, Ld. Mr. Niranjan Mukherjee, M. L.A., Shri Ashoka Nand Kar, Secretary of Sahapur Local C. P. I. (M), Committee Shri Debu Chakraborty, and other C. P. I. (M) Cadres. But, that at the last moment the tenants went back from making any settlement with us because you provocated them. Somedays lateron I was arrested on 25th November 1983 at the Court of 5th Munsiff at Alipore in which Court eviction Suits against the said tenants are pending, and Ld. Mr. K. K. Ghosh, accepted the power as Advocate on record on their behalf and he was a junior to your friend Ld. Mr. Timir Banerjee, Advocate.

If the report given by your friend is correct, then it may be assumed that by suppressing the material fact you are utilising the advantage of the post and status of Honble Shri Acharya for your personal game only. It may be referred that I am well known to Mr. Samarjeet Ghosh, Advocate, and also Honble Mr. Dipak Kundu, Advocate General of Tripura, both of them were once the fornuate Ld. Junior to Honble Shri Snehangshu




Acharya, Advocate General of West Bengal, sincxe Mr. Samarjeet Ghosh in the Economic Times, and I was fighting against monopoly policy of Aluminium Producers including Birlas HINDALCO. A few days back I was succeeded in stopping the merger of Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd., with Mahindra and Mahindra Limited. The plan of merger have been plotted fr manipulations of Rs.200/300 Crores of Rupees against which matter I filed a Writ Petition before Honble Supreme Court of India, another Writ Petition before Honble High Court and an Appeal before Honble High Court and one objection before M. R. T. P. Commission considering interest of society.

Please note that I am ready to face any of your illegal pressure, but I am not ready to surrender under your black-mail attitude.

With Thanks,

Yours faithfully


(Milap Chand Choraria)

C. C. To : Honble District Judge, 24- Parganas at Alipore,

Honble Shri Prasanta Sur, Minister of W. B.,

Shri Snehangshu Acharya, Advocate General of West Bengal,

Shri Dipak Kundu, Advocate General of Tripura,

Inspector-General of Police,

Superintendent of Police 24-Parganas,

Shri Samarjit Ghosh,

Shri Lakshmi Sen, Secretary, Calcutta-District C. P. I. (M), Committee, and copies of correspondence between us and Shri Kamlesh Chandra Chattopadhyay and also papers showing the compromise finalised as aforesaid are enclosed herewith for ready reference.


Letter were posted by Postal Receipt Nos. 1874 (for Honble District Judge, Alipor, Calcutta, 1875 (for Honble Shri Sudhangshu Kumar Acharya) 1876 (for Shri Kamlesh Chandra Chattopadhyay) Calcutta G. P.O. dates are not illegible.

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