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ANNEXURE : A-56 : Page-303-304



(Typed Copy of Letter)

From: Milap Chand Choraria

P.O. Tamkore Dist. Jhunjhunu Rajasthan-331026

Correspondence Address only:-

2734, Kutcha Chellan, New Delhi-110002

Dated 8th April 1995

Regd. With A/D.


The District Magistrate,


Dear Sir,


This is with reference to Memo letter No. 2724-P dt. 27.3.95 from Shri S. P. Boral, Jt. Secy. Home (Political) W. B., to you with copy to me on the above subject, with regards to my letter dated 21.1.95 to Home Secretary West Bengal Mr. Manish Gupta, with copy to Home Secretary of India, Mr. K. Padamanabhaiya.

Before dealing with the subject I would like to introduce myself that I am is convenor of Movement for Accountability to Public, Honorary General secretary of Indian Council of Small Industruies (An recognized APEX body for SSI Sector) President of Federation of Aluminium Users Assn. Of India, Editor of Guide of Small Industries and Shareholders Review, Secretary of Tamkore Vikas Samity, Calcutta, Life Member of Shri Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Vidyalaya, Calcutta, Turstee of Tamkore Shri Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Nyas, Calcutta and then Tamkore Vikas Samity Trust, Calcutta. Because of my social activities, the then Chairman of Parliamentary Public Undertaking Committee, Late Shri Jyotirmoy Basu called me before the Committee on a very important national issue on 27.9.77.

This is my undertaking that if any of my statement proved to be false, I shall be liable to face conviction, but any report contrary to this letter shall be treated also at par my undertaking.

Due to my obedience as a bonafide citizen, I am compelled to accept the challenges of anti-socials and Mafiadom, as a result I am facing time being hardship.


On 29.12.1983 Mr. Hari Prasad Bubna sold hs flat allegelly 292 sft. (actuall was of 246 Sft.) through Sale Agreement Dated 29.12.93 and delivered me khas and physical possession on 29.12.93 against part payment, while balance payment weas payable on



29.12.94. Mrs. Lalita Bubna signed the said agreement as witness. At latar stage it was transpired that he was not the owner of the flat, but infact his wife Lalita Bubna was the owner, as such I ask him to show me the documents about his title at the flat, which he refused to do so, as such by letter dated 4th May 1994 send by Regd. Post ask him to supply me Xerox copy of document of the ownership and to interalia correct the irregulatories in the said agreement. But, Mr. Bubna not responded to my letter,

In the meantime, I was reported about some criminal acts and deeds of Mr. Bubna, including reported murder of his adopted son ( after born of his own son). As such by my letter dated 21.7.94 send by Regd. Post, I ask to Mr. Bubna to give clear picture of the matter. The copies of the said letter were also send for self protection to (1) Spl. Supdt. Of Police, CID, W. B., (2) S. P. of Howrah and (3) O. C. Golabari P. S. No action were taken in the matter, but at the same time Mr. Bubna hurridly sold his flat measuring 1150 sft., through and with help of Local C.P.I.(M) Leader Mr. Ramesh Kapoor and fled outside West Bengal.

I referred the same matter in my letter dated 4.9.94 to the secretary, Gangotri Flat Owners Apartments Association with copy to O. C. Golabari P. S. This time too police not taken cognizance against threat given to me, under the influence.

On 18.10.94 I lodged an F. I. R. by Regd. Post to Golabari P. S. against threat messages send by Mr. Pawan Kumar being son-in-law of Mr. Bubna and his associates. Xerox copies of the said Letter dated 21.7.94 and 4.9.94 were also annexed herewith. But again Police taken no cognizance in the matter. As a result Mr. Pawan Kumar his associates including Mr. Kishan Sunar and Mr. Gosain were encouraged to broken the lock of the said flat and to stolen valuable articles therefrom. Therefore, I lodged another F. I. R. by Regd. Post to O. C. Golabari P. S. on 21.1. 95 and also send my aboverefrred petition dated 21.1.95 in the matter. Again Police taken no cognizance in the matter.

Under the facts and circumstances this is my humble request you to provide me security and your good offices will be used to find out true facts on the following points with information to me:

  1. Whether Mr. Hari Prasad Bubna has adopted a son and how the said boy was died?
  2. Who were actual parents of the said boy?
  3. Whether actual parents are known about the reason of the death of the boy?
  4. Whether this is not a fact that boy was died due to TIK-20?
  5. Page-304-A

    ANNEXURE : "A-56"

  6. Whether this is not a fact that TIK-20 was given by force by Lalita Bubna W/O Mr. Hari Parasd Bubna and elder daughter of Mr. Bubna being wife of Mr. Pawan Kumar with criminal conspiracy with Mr. Hari Prasad bubna?
  7. If aforesaid facts are true, why Police case was not recorded?
  8. Whether Mr. Ramesh Kapoor and Mr. Gosain were behind to manage the Police for not recording a Police case in the matter?
  9. Whether this is not a fact that Railway Police too booked Mr. Hari Prasad bubna for purchasing stolen Railway goods?
  10. Whether this is not a fact that tocheat the people Mr. Bubna regularly published advertisements in the Statesman for sale of Flats ranging between 300 to 1500 sft., to collect initial amounts to cheat the same?
  11. What was the reason that when Lalita Bubna was Owner of Flat, she signed the agreement for sale of flat to me sold by Mr. Bubna s witness?

In any case I am interested to know that whether Administration is going to take any action or not against concerned Police officials for disobey their duty to cause injury to me and my properties. Because as recent Rulling of Honble Supreme Court Public Servants are responsible for any damages caused due their negligence.

I hope of your favourable response in the matter.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,



Copies to

  1. Mr. K. Padamanabhaiya, Home Secretary to the Govt. of India, with thanks for proper action taken by him on my petition dated 21.1.95
  2. Mr. S. P. Boral, Jt. Secy. To Govt. of W. B. Home (Political) with thanks for proper action taken by him as per above letter d. 27.3.95
  3. The Officer-in-Charge, Golabari P.S. for the record.


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