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ANNEXURE : A-43 : Page-249




(Typed Copy of Letter)


Milap Chan Choraria

(Camp at New Delhi)

24/29, Binoba Bahve Road,


Dated 21st January 1992


Shri Gouri Shankar Gupta,


6B, K. S. Roy Road,

Second Floor,


Dear Sir,

I was myself ill during 27th November 1991 to 27th December 1991 and after coming back from Delhi, it was informed by Mr. Diwakar Pandey, Advocate that you still not applied for certified copy of the order dated 1st April 1991 passed by Honble Mr. Justice Shyamal Kumar Sen, in the Suit No. 244 of 1990 (Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala Vs- Milap Chand Choraria) in spite of repeated instructions, nor you informed me that you are not intended to applied for the same. You by your which conduct depriving me from getting justice.

An Courts notice is published by M/S. B. M. Bagaria & Co., Solicitor, in the Hindi Daily Vishwamitra dated 20th January, 1992 issue at page No. 4, by which it appears to me that you not taken steps in view of my instructions by my letter dated 21st November 1991 nor you informed me that you are not interested to look after my case.

In view of the aforesaid facts and some other facts on records this is quite clear that you are acted in the aforesaid matter under influence of M/S. B. M. Bagaria & Co., Solicitors, and / or their client said Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala.

Therefore, you are released hereby from the above Suit and please submit your full and final account for my examination, verification and on satisfaction for payment, together with a list of each and every date of orders passed in the said Suit matter and correspondence between you and M/S. B. M. Bagaria & Co., Solicitors, by returned post.

Yours faithfully



Sd/- Milap Chand Choraria

(Milap Chand Choraria)

Postal receipt No. G-5462 dated 26/1/92 of Calcutta GPO

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