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ANNEXURE : A-43 : Page-248




(Typed Copy of Letter)

Regd. With A/D. Milap Chand Choraria

24/29, Binoba Bahve Road,


Dated July 5 1991






Dear Sir,

This is informed by Shri Diwakar Pandey, Advocate that on 5th July 1991 during the proceedings of Appeal No.3 of 1990, before the Ld. West Bengal Cooperative Tribunal, the Ld. Member of the Tribunal, Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, WBHJS, beyond his Jurisdiction and out of his duty, opined openly for your client through yu to file another petition for hearing the non-maintainability of the instant appeal before the hearing of the said Appeal. I reserve my rights to deal with the same, when it will be filed.

Please note that above opinion was the result of criminal conspiracy as referred in my memorandum dated 15th May 1991, to the President of India and others, copy of which was already received by Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, by Regd. Post nd also received by your client Sharwan Kumnar Bhatter through his counsel Miss Lina Chakraborty, Advocate by Regd. Post. Now on the matter I have served a notice to the Honble Prime Minister and others to sit FAST UNTO DEATH at outside Supreme Court of India on and from 15th August 1991, the independence day. Your client Mr. Sharwan Kumar Bhatter got forged order sheet of Dispute Case No. 43/RCS of 1987-88 by the hand and pen of your another client Mr. Parbhu Dayal Sureka and Mr. M. R. Choudhury, ARCS, Xerox copy of which was annexed with the said Memorandum, as annexure "P" and also annexed herewith as Annexure "P". Your client also got forged a requisite slip as if issued by me.

Not only that but against the aforesaid Criminal offences, I filed an application Under Section 340 of Cr. P. C., before West Bengal Co-operative Tribunl and was Regd. as Misc Case No. 3 of 1990. But, under influence of gratification to save accused persons (including your clients Mr.Sharwan Kumar Bhatter and Mr. Parbhu Dayal Sureka) Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, dismissed the said Misc Case No. 3 of 1990 in highly irregular manner on 18.1.1991, of which you personally was a party.

In serious violation of the principle of natural justice, Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, also dismissed the Appeal No. 32 of 1990 and Misc. Case No. 1 of 1991 arising out of u/Regd. Appeal No. 15 of 1990 on 16.04.1991.





I had also filed Appeals against created awards pronounced by Mr. P.C. Bhattacharyya, in Dispute case Nos. 112-113/RCS of 1988-89 (Cases of your clients), which were registered as unregd. Appeal Nos. 4 and 5 of 1991 but under the said Criminal Conspiracy the files of the said cases were held up secretly in connivance with by Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, and Mr. M. R. Choudhury, to protect the interest of your concerned clients including the said Mr. Parbhu Dayal Sureka and Raj Kumar Dhawan,

Therefore, I am not surprised on hearing about the said opinion illegally made by Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya. But reasons for my surprise is that how high quantum of gratification could have been spent by your client and his group to purchase the moral of the aforesaid public servants.

In facts, you and your senior Mr. Mahabir Prasad Chowdhury, Advocate supported the aforesaid devilish and criminal acts and activities of your aforesaid clients, because Mr. Chowdhury is personal friend of Mr. Shankar lal Bhatter and injecting the corruption in public servants concerned to judiciary, you people are responsible for bad name of Marwari community as well as the dignity of highly esteemed profession of the Advocates.

Yours faithfully

(Milap Chand Choraria)

Copy to Honble Mr. Justice N. P. Singh, Chief justice of Calcutta High Court for his lordships knowledge.

Copy to Shri Diwakar Pandey, Advocate for his information

Copy to Legal Remembrances, West Bengal.



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