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ANNEXURE-7 Page-117-118



Copy of letter dated 7th May 1984

Phone: 27-3614


Operational Area Regd Office:

21, Seal Thakur Bari Road, 16, Bonfield Lane,

Calcutta-700038 Calcutta-700038


Ld. Mr. Som Nath Chatterjee, M. P.,

P-514, R. B. Roy Road,


Respected Sir,

The following facts are required to be confirmed for the interest of the truth.

An appointment was fixed on or about 20th October 1983, by Ld. Mr. Niranjan Mukherjee, M. L. A., for finalisation of draft of compromise between Nav-Surya Co-operative Housing Society Ltd., and its tenants and examination of of documents regarding right, title and interest of the said Housing Society over R. S. Plot No. 194 in Mouza Sahapur, P. S. Behala, Calcutta-38. Accordingly, I with Mr. S. S. Singhania, on behalf of said Housing Society and on behalf of the tenants Shri Ashoka Nand Kar, Secretary Sahapur Local C. P. I. (M), Committee Shri Prabir Mondal, the then Area Commissioner, Shri Debu Chakraborty, L. C. M. Sahapur Local C. P. I. (M) Committee, and Gopal Bose, met you at your residential chamber.

Mr. Ashoka Nanda Kar, detailed the background of dispute between us and tenants and also gave the details of our proposal offered to the tenants and I gave draft of said proposal for compromise petition in accordance with agreement made between us and on 10. 10. 83 at Behala P. S.

After thoroughly the said draft you point out your objection against some paragraphs, but Shri Ashoka Nanda Kar, raised his voice that Mr. Choraria himself already agreed to delite the said paragraphs.

Thereafter, you suggested to make a plan of building, giving the serial numbe r of rooms, which would be mentioned in the compromise petitions. Both of us agreed with your suggestions. Thereafter, you roughly examine the deeds of conveyances as aforesaid and by telephone you appoint a Solicitor Ld. Mr. Pranab Chatterjee, and requested him to come in your chamber next evening.

As per the said appointment, I with Shri S. S. Singhania on behalf of the said Housing Society, and Shri Debu Chakraborty and Prabir Mondal on behalf of tenants reached at your chamber when said Ld. Mr. Pranab Chatterjee, Solicitor was also present. At that



meeting you handover the said draft to Ld. Mr. Pranab Chatterjee, instructing him to thoroughly examine the documents with regards to our right, titrle, and interest over the said R. S. Plot No. 194 in accordance to agreement made at Behala P. S. on 10.10.83 and finalise the draft for compromise. And I also gave a plan for propsed building would be constructed for the tenants in the said R. S. Plot No. 194, and you were satisfied with the said plan.

On 22nd October 1983, myself on behalf of the society and Mr. Debu Chakraborty and Gopal Bose on behalf of tenants reached at the residence of Ld. Mr. Ld. Pranab Chatterjee, Solicitor in accordance with said appointment made at your residence under your instruction, and he thoroughly examines the documents in accordance with your instructions, and being satisfied he corrected the said draft for compromise petition with remark at bottom of 2nd page that "to be finalised in consultation with Mr. Som Nath Chatterjee", and in the said issue you agreed with me that exchange of rooms should be made simultaneously.


I sent a letter dated 25th October 1983 enclosing therewith the final draft of said compromise petition to Officer-In-Charge, Behala P. S. and copies to Mr. Prabir Mondal and Debu Chakraborty, the leader of the tenants.

Therefore, once again on 3rd November 1983, Shri Ashoka Nanda Kar, Shri Prabir Mondal along with our tenants including Sukumar Das and Bishwa Nath Singh, and myself met you and you show you the final compromise petition with map and you showed your full satisfaction in favour of compromise.

With Thanks,

Yours faithfully

For N-S C. H. Ltd.

(Milap Chand Chroaria)

Copies To:

(1) Ld. Mr. Ld. Pranab Chatterjee, Solicitor,

(2) Ld. Mr. Niranjan Mukherjee, M. L. A.,

(3) Shri Ashoka Nand Kar, Secretary Sahapur Local Committee, C. P. I. (M),

(4) Shri Prabir Mondal,

(5) Shri Debu Chakraborty, L. C. M. Sahapur Local Committee C. P. I. (M),

(6) Shri Gopal Bose,

(7) Shri Sukumar Das,

(8) Shri Bishwanath Singh.

Postal receipt Nos. for Registered Post is No. 3035 (for Shri Niranjan Mukherjee, M. L. A.) 3036 (for Shri Pranab Chatterjee, Solicitors) and 3037 (for Shri Som Nath Chatterjee, M. P.) dated 16.5.84 of Alipore Court Post Office.

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