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In India every Political Party is working under the domain of few Individuals or Families.  Resultantly, affairs and working of every political party, found to be far from the democratic principles. Whenever, any dispute amongst corporate organizers of such party arise, they says that this is their internal matter, forgetting no matter of a Political Party can be internal matter, if its Bosses are working with the object to reach or send their representative in Parliament or State Assemblies or Local Self-Governmental Bodies to share Powers. Therefore, I submitted suggestion in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 151 of 1996 by filing before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for regulation of the Political Parties through a Common By-Laws, to be prepared by the Election Commission of India after consultation with all Political Parties and Public at large:      


Schedule “A” CHAPTER: I to the said Writ Petition:

(Suggestions to amend or change in the Representatives of Peoples Act)

Suggestion: (1) Power of Election Commission of India to frame Model-By-Laws for Political Parties: The Commission shall have powers to make and / or frame Model-Bye-Laws to regulate all the matters, affairs, and election, based on representative character, at all level of organizational set up of all Political parties in the country.

Suggestion: (2) Notification of Model-By-Laws

(a) The Commission, after framing of Draft for Model-Bye-Laws shall serve copies of the same to all Political Parties, registered with the Election Commission, to submit suggestions for omissions or additions etc., within 6 months from the date of service.

(b) After receipt of all such suggestions, if any, the Commission shall held joint meeting of all the Political Parties and take a decision on final Model-By-Laws. 

(c) Within 30 days from the said joint meeting the Commission shall notify the Model-By-Laws for Political Parties, which shall be binding on all Political parties.

Suggestion: (3) Registration of Existing Political Parties:

Within Three Months from the Notification of Model-By-Laws, all Political Parties shall adopt the same and inform to the Commission, otherwise Registration of Existing Political Party automatically stands cancelled.

Suggestion: (4) Registration of New Political Parties:

Any Political Party will be entitled to get registered with the Commission after adoption of Model-By-Laws.

Suggestion: (5) Power of Commission to deregistration a Political Party:

The Commission shall have powers to deregister a Political Party if on enquiry and after hearing satisfy that Model-By-Laws is highly violated.