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Suggestions to amend or change in the Representatives of Peoples Act
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Suggestion: (1) Power of Election Commission of India to frame Model-By-Laws for Political

Parties: The Commission shall have powers to make and / or frame Model-By-Laws to regulate all the matters, affairs, and election, based on representative character, at all level of organizational set up of all Political parties in the country.

Suggestion: (2) Notification of Model-By-Laws

(a)    The Commission, after framing of Draft for Model-By-Laws shall serve copies of the same to all Political Parties, registered with the Election Commission, to submit suggestions for omissions or additions etc., within 6 months from the date of service.

(b)    After receipt of all such suggestions, if any, the Commission shall held joint meeting of all the Political Parties and take a decision on final Model-By-Laws. 

(c)     Within 30 days from the said joint meeting the Commission shall notify the Model-By-Laws for Political Parties, which shall be binding on all Political parties.

Suggestion: (3) Registration of Existing Political Parties:

Within Three Months from the Notification of Model-By-Laws, all Political Parties shall adopt the same and inform to the Commission, otherwise Registration of Existing Political Party automatically stands cancelled.

Suggestion: (4) Registration of New Political Parties:

Any Political Party will be entitled to get registered with the Commission after adoption of Model-By-Laws.

Suggestion: (5) Power of Commission to deregistration a Political Party:

The Commission shall have powers to deregister a Political Party if on enquiry and after hearing satisfy that Model-By-Laws is highly violated.

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